Organic Feel Good Gift Set

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This 100% certified organic gift will make anyone Feel Good!  The items are wrapped in 100% compostable packing materials. 


1-Organic Moon Melt Lotion Bar 

1-Bee's Wrap (3 pack) ~ Organic Cotton

1-Organic Cleansing Body Bar

 Moon Melt Lotion Bar

  • You will love the Moon Melt Bar with soothing properties 
  • Organic safflower oil, organic beeswax, organic calendula, organic comfrey, organic lavender essential oil, organic lavandin essential oil natural vitamin E from sunflowers. That's it. 1.9 oz ~ Made in Deming Washington

Bee's Wrap Sustainable Food Storage 

  •  Feel good about replacing your plastic wrap with a natural alternative for food storage
  • Infused 100% certified organic cotton with beeswax, organic jojoba oil and tree resin
  • 3 pack small (7" x 8") wraps an avocado, medium (10" x 11") wraps cheese and large (13" x 14") wraps half a melon or covers a bowl
  • Washable, reusable and compostable ~ Handmade in Bristol, Vermont

Organic Cleansing Body Bar

  • We love the medicinal herbs, mineral and antioxidant-rich oils, and beeswax to seal in their goodness and provide a luxuriant natural moisture barrier
  • Made with organic safflower oil, organic coconut and organic palm oils, sodium hydroxide*,  organic beeswax, organic castor oil, organic essential oils and Vitamin E made from sunflowers. That's it. *none remains after saponification of oils into soap and glycerin. 4 oz ~ Made in Deming, Washington