About Us

At Peace Seed Organic, we want you to know that we’re your go-to shopping experience for products for your urban farm, home and self that are all 100% certified organic.

Our Peace Seed Simple Standard:

• Certified organic product materials

• Local-made -- made in within 3,000 miles of our headquarters in the Pacific Northwest of North America

• Plastic-free

We know that we’re all at a different place in understanding the need for a healthier planet.  No judgement at Peace Seed Organic.

We want to keep the transportation of goods sustainable and to keep our carbon footprint limited with a real dedication to supporting crafts people, artists and workers within near our headquarters. The materials can be sourced anywhere in the world, so we do embrace a global economy, too.

Get Back to the Basics
We promote the use of plastic-free products for a healthier home and planet, so we’ve organized our products by their material, such as metal, glass, ceramic, wood, fiber or leather.


Zero Waste
In addition to helping you grow your garden or providing you righteous products for your home or for yourself, we promote and follow a zero-waste concept within our business. Our shipping boxes & mailers are made of 100% recycled or post-consumer material and our packing material is compostable. Also, you’ll find products that replace the one-use plastics in your kitchen drawers for a zero-waste kitchen.


Bottom line, we hope it feels good and right to shop here.

Peace Seed Organic
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