Bee Lovers Gift

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This is the perfect gift your bee loving friend, family member or yourself!  We've combined two of our favorite products, the Mason Bee Home made of Pacific Northwest cedar and handcrafted in Washougal, Washington and the "We Need More Pollinator-Friendly Gardens" poster designed by Victory Garden of Tomorrow in Portland, Oregon.  This is a sweet gift for your organic gardener!

Mason Bee Home

Love bees?  Us, too!  These sweet Mason bee homes are perfect for the organic gardener, as Mason bees are excellent pollinators.  They get their name for their mortar-like mud nest building in small chambers.  Mason bees prefer to build their nests close together, so the bee home provides nesting chambers to take advantage of this trait.

  • Made of Pacific Northwest cedar
  • Handcrafted in Washougal, Washington

      "We Need More Pollinator-Friendly Gardens" Poster

      • Printed on archival paper
      • Vintage & Art Deco design
      • 12" x 18"
      • Designed and made in Portland, Oregon